[fdo-internals] Defects in PostGIS provider

Chuck Wilbur chuckwilbur at spatialnet.net
Wed Aug 22 16:44:43 EDT 2007

> The provider generates WKB stream from FDO geometry and inserts it
> directly into INSERT INTO statement.

Right, I see that in the code, and it fails for geometry. For the sample
"Blue Lake" polygon geometry from the FDO documentation, PostGIS returns
(through the provider):
NOTICE:  identifier "a400000000000003240000
04d400000000000002a400000000000804d400000000000003240" will be truncated to

The execution of SQL statement failed with PostgreSQL error
 code: PGRES_FATAL_ERROR, ERROR:  syntax error at or near
LINE 1: ...Blue Lake',010300000002000000050000000000000000004A400000000...
> Does it crash for every geometry or may be if you use XYZ or XYZM
> dimensions?

The geometries I've tested with are simple XY-only. A simple geometry like a
point doesn't get the "identifier truncated" message, but it still fails
with the syntax error because (I think) PostGIS is trying to interpret the
long binary hexadecimal number as a long decimal integer.

I would think that to fix this you would need to either get the stream as
text and use GeomFromText in the statement or use fully parameterized
queries into PostGIS. The second would almost certainly be the better
solution, but I don't know the syntax or API for parameterized queries in
PostGIS, especially when one of the parameters is a WKB geometry. I would
have to do some research.

>> 2) ApplySchemaCommand::Execute always issues CREATE TABLE statement(s) -
>> it
>> cannot be used to delete a feature class.
> Hmm, I'm not sure I understand.
> ApplySchema command is not used for removing feature classes (tables).

In other providers it is. Using an FdoFeatureSchema pSchema from the
connection's schema collection:

// remove the class from the schema
FdoPtr<FdoClassCollection> pClassColl = pSchema->GetClasses();
FdoPtr<FdoClassDefinition> pClass =
if ( pClass )

	// Create the ApplySchema command
	FdoPtr<FdoIApplySchema> pApplySchemaCmd = dynamic_cast<FdoIApplySchema*>(
		m_connection->CreateCommand(FdoCommandType_ApplySchema) );

	// Set the schema and execute the apply schema command

The code above is a simplified version of what I've used with other
providers to drop feature classes. This is important functionality for my
unit tests to ensure that I'm starting with a clean table each run.
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