[fdo-internals] Branching 3.2.x into 3.2.1

Greg Boone greg.boone at autodesk.com
Thu Feb 8 16:36:31 EST 2007

Hi All,


The FDO 3.2.x code streams for the FDO Core and the FDO Providers have
been branched into new 3.2.1 branches as follows:


FDO CORE: https://osgeo.org/svn/fdocore/branches/3.2.1 

GDAL: https://osgeo.org/svn/fdogdal/branches/3.2.1 

WMS: https://osgeo.org/svn/fdowms/branches/3.2.1 

WFS: https://osgeo.org/svn/fdowfs/branches/3.2.1 

SHP: https://osgeo.org/svn/fdoshp/branches/3.2.1 

SDF: https://osgeo.org/svn/fdosdf/branches/3.2.1 

ArcSDE: https://osgeo.org/svn/fdoarcsde/branches/3.2.1 

GenericRDBMS: https://osgeo.org/svn/fdordbms/branches/3.2.1 


The Windows debug and release builds for FDO, WMS, WFS, SDF, SHP, GDAL,
ArcSDE and GenericRdbms are all working correctly. 


I ran the unit tests for FDO and the non-RDBMS providers and everything
looks ok.


The 3.2.1 branch will support the next scheduled release of Autodesk Map

The 3.2.x branch will support the next scheduled release of Autodesk


All changes to 3.2.x are to be merged into 3.2.x. Binary compatibility
between 3.2.1 and 3.2.x must be maintained.




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