[fdo-internals] FDO3: : It is not appropriate to use the first CRS as default SC when multiple CRS codes are provided.

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FDO3 - WMS: It is not appropriate to use the first CRS as default SC
when multiple CRS codes are provided.


When a WMS layer is available in several coordinate reference systems,
the first one listed in the capability document has been used as the
default spatial context for that layer. A more appropriate way to deal
with such situation is trying to use the most universal one, or
non-distortion one, e.g., geographic coordinate systems is preferable to
projected CRS. 


Here is an example,


All layers served in this server are available in many CRSs and
EPSG:4267(LL27) is listed first. As a result, LL27 is the default
spatial context for all layers. However, when layers are requested via
LL27, the areas outside NA can't be rendered properly by the server.
When switching to another available CRS EPSG:4326 (LL84), all the layers
will work properly. 


Since we don't allow specifying CRS for layers via UI in both Map and
MapGuide, choosing a more appropriate CRS for a layer becomes more
important for rendering a layer properly.




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