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Greg Boone greg.boone at autodesk.com
Fri Feb 23 14:51:12 EST 2007

Can you also reset the password for user donaldcameron and send him his
new password?


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Jason Birch wrote:
> If you haven't committed to SVN since the change in servers, then
> will have to set up a new LDAP account for you and grant you the
> role for commit access to FDO.  This same account is what you will use
> the Trac Wiki updates.

Haris / Jason,

Haris has an account (userid: haris) carried over from the collabnet
configuration.  If needed, I can reset the password manually.

> The current URL for King.Oracle is: 
> https://svn.osgeo.org/svn/fdo/trunk/Providers/KingOracle/
> <https://svn.osgeo.org/svn/fdo/trunk/Providers/KingOracle/>

Note that this is where trunk lives.  It is unclear whether Haris
may want to update things in the 3.2.x branch as well which would
live at:


> Tortoise SVN should work just fine once you get an account set up.


> The FDO folks should be able to answer any other questions you might
> Bob, Greg, I'd really appreciate it if this account could be set up as
> quickly as possible and Haris given whatever info he needs to upload
> current code.  Mateusz could really benefit from using this as a
> for some of the stuff he's doing with the PostGIS provider, and he
gets a
> lot of work done on weekends :)

I can be reached in irc in #mapguide or #osgeo to facilitate account
or answer infrastructure related questions.

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