[fdo-internals] xmin and xmax are reserved keywords

Gavin Cramer gavin.cramer at autodesk.com
Mon Jan 15 14:14:19 EST 2007

I nominate Brent "Mr. Schema Manager" Robinson to so "Go!" (and add the
virtual tags).  :-)

The alternatives to having metaschema are to either:
   1. Reverse-engineer logical schema from physical schema, or...
   2. Use a configuration document (set via
ODBC Provider supports both of these, and does not support ApplySchema.


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Gavin Cramer wrote:
> Yes, it looks like you have the right idea there.

Good to know.
So, as I've asked in one of my latest post, who is going to say Go! ?

> Does PostGIS Provider support ApplySchema command?  If so, you'd want
> test the full round-trip (ApplySchema followed by DescribeSchema) to
> make sure that there aren't any other places that would be affected.

Yes, I have ApplySchema command provided and I'll run the suggested

By the way, I'm curious what's the alternative to ApplySchema command to
create FDO-enabled datastore?
If a provider doesn't support ApplySchema, how users are supposed to
configure the datastore?

Mateusz Loskot
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