[fdo-internals] More Site Cleanup

Mateusz Loskot mateusz at loskot.net
Mon Jan 15 17:00:16 EST 2007

Robert Bray wrote:
> Mateusz,
> Good suggestion. For the tools maybe we can create an fdotools
> subversion instance unless someone out there has a better idea.


Sure, that would be cool.
Every tool can live as a separate module (directory) in fdotools/trunk.

> In general I like your navigation approach.

It's a kind of ad-hoc proposal.

> Where I am getting caught up is our multiple SVN instance thing.

> Right now we have fdo, fdocore, fdosdf, etc.
> Many of our pages have a provider list on them and each
> time we add a provider we have to touch a bunch of different yespages.
> An alternative approach is to break the site down by provider. That is have
> a main page for FDO, which links to sub-pages for the various providers
> and all of their relevant information. Then when we add the PostGIS
> provider instead of updating a ton of global pages all we have to do is
> add the relevant pages for the PostGIS provider. Today we have a mix of
> these two models, which feels really weird to me.

IMHO you're right.
Small but dedicated (sub)pages for every provider would
make the website and project structure more readable.

> BTW - Any idea how Trac integrates with multiple SVN instances?
> Will we need separate Trac projects for each provider or can we have a single
> Trac project that links to multiple SVN instances?

As Trac's FAQ says, sharing the same features between
projects is not supported:


However, there are some config hacks presented (I'm sure our Admins will
know better than me).

Mateusz Loskot

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