[fdo-internals] Using new SVN for PostGIS

Mateusz Loskot mateusz at loskot.net
Tue Jan 16 18:09:23 EST 2007

Greg Boone wrote:
> Fundamentally, if you want to be officially 'integrated' with the build
> of FDO that is supported in Map Hammerhead then you will have to drop
> your changes in branches/3.2.x. (NOTE: You would also be required to
> merge your changes into the trunk) 

Yes, this is clear.

> However, submitting into branches/3.2.x requires additional due
> diligence. Does your submission affect any existing fdocore/fdordbms
> *Windows* build processes, existing header files or source files?

Yes, as we've already discussed and as it was today finally accepted,
I'm applying changes related to reserved column names / spatial context.

> If so, these files will need to be dropped ASAP using the Map/FDO defect
> tracking/code submission mechanism. 

This week it should be fixed/teste, I hope.

> If such changes are required send me the set of fdocore/fdordbms
> existing/new files to be modified (as a zip file) and Robert and I will
> determine the effect of making such changes. We will also determine if
> the map team is willing to take these changes at this time. Once that
> determination is made you would be free to integrate your changes.

I understand. OK, after I apply discussed fixes I'll prepare the package.

> If you drop only into the trunk and not the 3.2.x branch then we would
> not be able to guarantee that the PostGIS provider would be supported
> inside Map using FDO 3.2.x without further testing. Actually, I
> seriously doubt that you would be supported in Hammerhead due to the Dec
> 18th change made by Brent Robinson

I see.

> "Binary compatibility change to fdo.dll (trunk version)"
> See attached file for details.

Right, I remember it.

OK I'll pursue fixes tomorrow and see if they are are big or not so big.

p.s Jason, I'm adding you to CC, both of your e-mails.

Mateusz Loskot

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