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I've been following up on some problems in MapGuide 1.1.0 with the FDO
GDAL provider and it seems that MapGuide 1.1.0 shipped with FDO from
the 3.2.x branch.  It is exhibiting problems that I fixed in trunk
many months ago, and that Greg merged into the 3.2.0 branch.

So my first question is what is the difference between 3.2.x and 3.2.0?
[GB] 3.2.0 is a snapshot of 3.2.x that was taken when FDO build G026 was
done. However, 3.2.0 (G026) was not building GDAL at that time and had
not been updated with the latest trunk changes. I subsequently moved the
GDAL code from the trunk into 3.2.0 so that 3.2.0 was synchronized and
then created a new GDAL distribution tar file using the 3.2.0 branch.
This process may have not been completed correctly or the tar file
uploaded to the website may have been the incorrect file taken from the
3.2.x branch rather than the 3.2.0 branch.

My second is, should I basically just "apply" the fdogdal trunk to 3.2.x
or what steps should I take towards getting a patched fdogdal out for
MapGuide 1.1.0 users?
[GB] No. Please do not modify 3.2.x until I figure out what happened. I
will update 3.2.x as required.

My third might not be a question, but rather a claim that our branching
strategy isn't working so great.  :-)
[GB] Well, a better statement is that our build and release process is
not working so great. The 3.2.0 branch seems fine. What we also need is
better testing and validation of our binaries before a release is made.

PS. At the behest of MapGuide OS 1.1.0 users I'm also working on
ECW and MrSID plugin drivers compatible with the release.

PPS. I am wondering when we are going to get past GDAL 1.3.1.  MrSID
and ECW drivers at the very least have advanced substantially since
this release!

PPPS. I need to avoid putting so items in one email.

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