[fdo-internals] Motion: To create a trunk/Tools directory

Robert Bray rbray at robertbray.net
Wed Jul 25 18:57:35 EDT 2007

+1 (Bob)

Jason Birch wrote:
> +2 Jason :) 
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> Subject: [fdo-internals] Motion: To create a trunk/Tools directory
> Motion: To create a trunk/Tools directory in subversion for user
> oriented commandline and gui programs such as fdo2fdo and fdorastutil.
> One subdirectory will be created for each tool.  Such tools will only be
> adopted into the "standard build" once they have been adopted by the FDO
> PSC - before that they are unsupported "contributed" tools and not part
> of the standard builds.
> ---
> My intent is that the Tools directory is a somewhat informal place that
> new tools can be contributed and developed.  A more formal step will be
> taken before the FDO project starts taking responsibility for particular
> Tools.
> I'll start with "+1 Frank".
> Best regards,

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