[fdo-internals] Re: OSGeo FDO SVN Write Access

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Thu Jul 26 12:47:59 EDT 2007

Robert Fortin wrote:
> Can't we expedite the process a bit assuming that the proposed change
> will be reviewed by existing committer before getting dropped?  Assume
> that the new code drop is a patch.
> Ultimately, they want to contribute to the community as much as they
> can.  And it starts by making them fully part of the community. 


The normal process for contributors before they are committers is to
pass their patches to a committer who would review them and commit them.
Does that satisfy your requirement?

I do think we need to treat the committer role reasonably seriously,
but I would be receptive to a new-committer motion for someone without
much of a track record on the project if there was an existing committer
who spoke well of their capability and offered to monitor their
contributions for a while.

Is that reasonable?

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