[fdo-internals] Re: OSGeo FDO SVN Write Access

Helio Chissini de Castro helio at kde.org
Thu Jul 26 13:29:06 EDT 2007

Em Thu 26 Jul 2007, Robert Fortin escreveu:
> Make sense.  That's basically the case we are facing.  The new committer
> would work closely under the supervision of an existing committer.

Well, different policies, both are right. Black list/white list policy is the 
best way to define for projects based on CVS/SVN paradigm.

In KDE project, a new commiter, that have granted access for some reason as 
contribution, even as a small patch contribution, can access and touch all 
part of kde code, without exception, as in a white list access. Usually, they 
know what they can do and we assume he is reasonable enough to not mess with 
all things around. In rare few cases we need do some intevention, and even a 
not so bright code but with correct intention can help, since we can use the 
code, teach the contributor and improve relationship and code. Happened with 
app devel commiters discovering errors in core libraries and fixing, reducing 
time and effort.

Other projects with conservative rules, use the black list policy, which is 
allow contributors access as commit after a group decide he did enough and is 
valuable for project. This is good in the sense of get the project restricted 
and cohese among their developers, but have the drawback of prevent some new 
candidates since they have not enough code to contribute or the quality aimed 
for the approvals, and at same time, want give just a small contribution for 
a specific part.

It's all about how you want keep control of project and how you want handle 
community. Just the policy adopted need to be clearer for everyone.

Helio Chissini de Castro
KDE Project South America Primary Contact
Curitiba - Brasil

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