[fdo-internals] Feature with multiple geometries

Gavin Cramer gavin.cramer at autodesk.com
Wed Mar 7 15:24:16 EST 2007

Hi,  Mateusz.  Fdo classes can have whatever number of geometric
properties you like.  In writing a provider, presumeably you have a way
of satisfying a caller's invocation of
FdoClassDefinition::GetProperties().  While this would typically contain
zero or one properties of type FdoGeometricPropertyDefinition, it can
actually contain any number of them.

If the class has multiple geometric properties, but has one "default"
one that a caller would typically use for drawing or filtering, it can
be identifed (for features, not non-feature objects) via
FdoFeatureClass::GetGeometryProperty().  Your provider should make a
best effort to identify this when reverse-engineering a schema.

Geometric properties, even within a class, do not all have to correspond
to the same spatial context.  They can be explicitly related, with the
relationship accessible via


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In PostGIS, it is possible that a table has more than one geometry
columns, so it defines a feature (row) with more than one geometry.
Is it possible to model this case in FDO?
If it is possible, could anyone point classes/interfaces that can be
used to to define such feature in FDO ?

Mateusz Loskot
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