[fdo-internals] Development guidelines 1.0

Mateusz Loskot mateusz at loskot.net
Fri Mar 16 13:44:44 EDT 2007


It seems we are going to have next PSC meeting soon.
Also, a lot of changes have taken place in the FDO project
organization since last meeting.
Main changes I've observed are:
- all FDO sub-projects merged to one common repository
- internal providers (in terms of provenance) like those developed by
Autodesk live now together with external like the King Oracle (and
fdopostgis is coming soon)

I think it would be reasonable and right in time to discuss FDO
development process in some details and describe it.
Personally, I feel a bit lost and I'd need to have some details
explained. I believe new developers may need some guidelines as well.

I intentionally put the 1.0 number in the subject, because I'd like to
underline that we've not yet defined anything in this matter and we've
not yet published the FDO project to the Community regarding the
development process. So, I think there is a need to work on "release"
version 1.0 of collaboration guidelines :-)

Here are a few subjects I'd like to learn about:

0. Can we list what kind of guidelines we are going to respect?
Here, I'd like to have explained following sub-questions:
- do we use common coding guidelines (conventions)?
- do we use common development and testing guidelines?
- do we have any other guidelines we're going to follow?

1. Do we divide responsibilities in any way?

2. Do we assign particular developer to particular component/provider,
for example when reporting an issue on the Trac?

3. What about submission reviews? Do we still use it? How does the
process look like in details?

4.Does the submission review process apply to external (in terms of my
note above) components?

5. What procedure should I follow when I want to commit to "my own"
I mean "my own" as the one which I created/work on mainly/maintain.

6. What ---//---  to external (in terms of my note above) provider?
For instance, if Haris or me (when I have the fdopostgis included into
the FDO SVN) want to commit anything to the King Oracle/fdopostgis,
what's the procedure?

7. Similarly to question 4, what's the process when I want to commit
anything to the core or internal providers?

8. ... (the list is open)

Mateusz Loskot

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