[fdo-internals] FDO 3.3 compatible MrSID and ECW Plugins

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Wed Nov 21 00:08:42 EST 2007


Tom requested I prepare FDO 3.3 compatible versions
of the MrSID and ECW plugins.  FDO 3.3 is using
GDAL 1.4.x and VC8, so I prepared plugins that should
work with any GDAL 1.4 / VC8 "normal" build.

The plugins can be found at:


It should be possible to unpack these in a mapguide
bin directory (ie. where mgserver.exe sits).  They will
drop supporting DLLs for MrSID or ECW libraries in
the same directory, and put the plugin in a gdalplugins

BTW, I looked i the file:


And it *appears* the gdal14.dll in this tarfile is linked
against oci.dll.  So I wasn't actually able to do any testing
to confirm that the gdal14.dll from the 3.3.0 fdo binaries
would work with the plugins I prepared.  Instead I ended up
testing them with a gdal14.dll I built myself.  So i'm not at
all certain things will be in good shape.

I'd note I also packaged up a full GDAL 1.4.3 VC8
SDK build at:


I imagine it should be able to copy the gdal14.dll out
of this sdk and replace the one in the fdo alpha

If someone can try the plugins I prepared, I'd like to
see us capture the steps and file locations in a wiki
page somewhere approach (fdo trac? mapguide trac?)

Best regards,
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