[fdo-internals] RE: [mapguide-users] Not much luck with ogr or postgis on Ubuntu

Traian Stanev traian.stanev at autodesk.com
Fri Nov 30 11:57:58 EST 2007

ldd -r  whatever.so

is the equivalent of depends. It will tell you if dependencies are not found.


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I ran into the same problem the last time I checked.  Perhaps we need to
put the PostGIS and OGR shared libraries into the include path before
running MapGuide or something?  I unfortunately don't know enough about
this stuff works on *nix to be able to figure out where to start.  Is
there something equivalent to depends.exe on windows?

I can't start my VM right now, but if you look in your FDO directory,
can you see whether the appropriate provider library files were built
for these?

Any FDO folks have any ideas about this?


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From: Jo Cook
Subject: [mapguide-users] Not much luck with ogr or postgis on Ubuntu

I have managed to build MGOS2 on Ubuntu 7.04 with help from Jason's
great instructions on the wiki. However, when I try and make a new data
connection with either postgis or ogr I get errors.

In mapguide studio when I try to make a postgis connection I get the
default feature editor screen and errors in my error log saying

When I make an ogr connection I get the proper editor (with data source
and readonly connection options) but I get a connection failed error
when I try and test the connection. The error log says

I have tested my connection string with ogrinfo and it works, and I have
checked that both providers are in my providers.xml file.

I have also tested both connection strings with testconnection in the
web tier test suite and both give me the CLNT_4_PROVIDERNOTREGISTERED

Has anyone successfully managed to use either of these connectors with
Ubuntu, and how do I begin debugging the problem?
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