[fdo-internals] Request for Agenda Items for FDO PSC Meeting

Greg Boone greg.boone at autodesk.com
Wed Oct 17 13:02:46 EDT 2007

Here is the my notes on list of incubation TODO items generated from our
discussions at FOSS4G:

1) Review and post an updated version of FDO source code Contributor
2) Ensure that all current FDO contributors/developers have signed the
Contributor Agreement
3) Perform a new Provenance Review and post the results to:
http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/FDO_Provenance_Review -- IN PROGRESS.
Assigned to Greg Boone for follow-up.
4) Start having regular FDO PSC meetings
5) Update the FDO Incubation Status Page:
http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/FDO_Incubation_Status -- DONE
6) Clarify the FDO coding standards referenced from:
http://fdo.osgeo.org/developer.html -- DONE
7) Clarify the FDO release cycle Road Map going forward

If there are other items that community members feel need to be added to
the list, please let me know.

As for the comment regarding the incubation committees requirement for a
further 2 months of open communication, it is not clear in my mind what
exactly is required. Can you elaborate?


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Greg Boone wrote:
> I would like to have a FDO PSC meeting next Wednesday, October 24^th .

> (Or at another mutually convenient time) If you have agenda item
> that you would like discussed at that meeting, please forward them to 
> the internals mailing list.

Something that should probably be discussed is incubation status. I 
believe you had taken some notes on what was left to do for incubation 
when we met in Victoria. Could you please forward a copy of that to the 
list so that everyone is aware of the incubation status?

Also, when we met I said that I was quite happy with the way the 
communication has opened up on this list since my email about this back 
in July. I then spoke to a few other members of the incubation committee

later in that week in Victoria and got a feeling that they would like to

see the FDO PSC and community demonstrate more than 2 months of open 
communication before they are ready to vote for it to graduate. Another 
issue that was pointed to me was the lack of regular meetings of the PSC

(so your call for a meeting is good news on that front).

Basically the message I got is that they want to witness regular 
meetings and open communication for a little while before FDO is ready 
to graduate.

Daniel Morissette
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