[fdo-internals] Request for Agenda Items for FDO PSC Meeting

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at mapgears.com
Thu Oct 18 12:25:27 EDT 2007

Greg, and all,

I think Frank summarized it well. This is the subjective part of 
incubation where you have to make members of the incubation committee 
confident that the project operates in an open way. What I wrote in my 
last email was not a requirement for 2 further months of open 
communication: I was alluding to the fact that the fdo-internals list 
was dead and the PSC seemed to not be active until I sent my wake up 
email in July, and then in August-September we had 2 consecutive months 
of more open activity... and in September you took over as chair and 
hopefully now the PSC will start having more regular meetings and be 
more active in the future.

What the committee members I spoke to want is to see that go on for 
several more months (not just 2) before they are confident enough to 
vote for FDO to graduate.

I hope that clears things up a bit.


Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> Greg Boone wrote:
>> As for the comment regarding the incubation committees requirement for a
>> further 2 months of open communication, it is not clear in my mind what
>> exactly is required. Can you elaborate?
> Greg,
> The incubation committee has taken the position that they want to be 
> confident
> that community functioning has been institutionalized.  That is, the 
> community
> mechanisms (PSC meetings, votes, rfc, use of trackers, etc) are working
> smoothly for a while rather than just being written up as documents or 
> perhaps
> just being followed in one brief phase of enthusiasm that passes quickly.
> This discussion originally occurred in the context of Mapbender's use of
> a bug tracker, and the committee thought it would like to see it being
> used over a period of time to ensure it was institutionalized.  While at
> that time, a period of six months was bantied around we ultimately decided
> to leave the criteria subjective.
> So, first recognise that incubation graduation is based on the committees
> judgement of community function and other criteria at a subjective level.
> So it isn't easy to get "exactly what is required" answers.  Instead, we
> as FDO need to aim to make the members of the incubation committee 
> comfortable
> that we are an openly functioning community, etc.
> I think I was one of the people that mentioned to Jason that I would 
> like too
> see a couple more months of smooth operation of FDO before I'd be 
> comfortable
> with it graduating.  Especially since the PSC was barely operational before
> you took over as chair.
> Best regards,

Daniel Morissette

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