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Done. See .pdf files attached to wiki pages.


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Hi Greg,


Any chance you could replace the .docx files with either .doc or .pdf
versions?  I don't have access to a copy of Word 2007 (or Word at all at





From: Greg Boone
Subject: RE: [fdo-internals] New discussion topic

Over the last year, members of the OSGeo FDO Community within Autodesk
have been informally musing on different ways in which the FDO API could
be enhanced to make it more useable and developer friendly. In order to
shine light on their efforts and open the discussions to all community
members up for further debate and feedback, I will be uploaded a number
of the resulting discussion papers and proposals to FDO Futures page

The first of these papers are as follows:

FDO Connection Pooling -
FDO DateTime Comparison -
FDO DataValue Comparison -
FDO DataValue Type Conversion -
FDO Schema DeepCopy Support -

Additional proposals and discussion papers will be added in the days to

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