[fdo-internals] New discussion topic

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Thu Oct 18 19:43:18 EDT 2007

I would really encourage these community members to post their ideas openly on the -internals list so that they can get the benefit of "external" feedback before they get to the point of API specification.  Also, to participate as much as possible directly on the list.  The -internals list is _not_ just for PSC members at all.
I understand that there may be some organisational or possibly cultural reasons why you would not want to do this, but I think the benefits may outweigh these.  Also, getting all of these posted at the same time is a bit overwhelming.  I've got a few days of bedtime reading for sure ;)
Open open open :)


From: Greg Boone
Subject: RE: [fdo-internals] New discussion topic

Yeah.. We had some cycles in late spring/summer to toss around a few
ideas. I would like to thank the following FDO community members for all
their thoughts, ideas and contributions:

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