[fdo-internals] OGR ProjConverter.h/.cpp

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Fri Oct 19 16:15:00 EDT 2007

Greg Boone wrote:
> Ok, the questions keep coming…
> The release build expects to find
> proj.lib
> geos.lib
> geos_c.obj
> libpq.lib
> oci.lib
> So, if we want to incorporate the OGR provider into the top level Open 
> Source build process, do we expect that proj, geos, postgresql and 
> oracle client be installed and a version of GDAL be available that uses 
> them ?

greg / Traian,

Does the OGR provider statically link against OGR or dynamically?
I'd like to strongly encourage linking against gdal_i.lib and using
the DLL instead of statically linking a distinct copy of GDAL into
the OGR provider.  This would avoid the OGR provider needing to
link against sub-components like oci.lib, libpq.lib, etc. It would
also mean it is easier for folks to substitute a different (but
ABI compatible) version of GDAL as a DLL and have the GDAL, and OGR
provider benefit from changes in the list of formats.

I'd also suggest that "tricky" drivers requiring external files, like
oci, and pq should be handled as plugins rather than normally being
built in.

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