[fdo-internals] New RFC10 Is Posted

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Tue Sep 11 12:25:36 EDT 2007

Greg Boone wrote:
> [GB] I am getting confused. It seems we are going in circles a bit here.
> There should be no distinction between the terms Override and
> Configuration when it comes to FDO. They are the same. 


Gotcha.  This was not clear to me before.

 > The "Overrides"
> API concept was designed to control the programmatic creation of the
> configuration file, specifically one or more PhysicalSchemaMappings
> sections that exists along with the logical schema definition and the
> spatial content definition. Maybe we should just standardize on the
> terms configuration and configuration API and drop the use of the term
> override. 
> There is also no generic FDO API for creating a provider agnostic
> PhysicalSchemaMapping as a part of creating a configuration file.
> PhysicalSchemaMappings are provider specific entities, and thus require
> a provider specific API to create and manipulate them.


> [GB] I know of no such server which serves such formats, nor have I seen
> such formats discussed in any WMS Specification literature. We also have
> not had any customer requests that I am aware of to support such
> formats. However, if we can find examples of such servers and can test
> against them then I would not see any reason to restrict ourselves from
> allowing them to be specified. 

I can live with this.

> Secondly, I argue that we need not try and solve all possible scenarios
> in one release. We know we cannot support all formats, specifically the
> vector formats, and we know we can support al the GIF, PNG, JPG, TIF
> formats. Let's start with these as a baseline, and expand support from
> there. We should remember that we will be releasing this software into
> production code and we have to maintain a high degree of confidence that
> the software we release will perform as promised. 

Well, I see this as a cultural issue in a sense which is why I mooted the
idea of building slightly differently for the open source vs. non-opensource
version.   But no point in my belabouring the point.

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