[fdo-internals] Motion to Step Down - Making it Official

Orest Halustchak orest.halustchak at autodesk.com
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Thanks Bob for all the work to date setting up the PSC, recruiting
members and getting it going!


Thanks Greg for accepting the role. We'll try not to give you too hard a





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heh.  I can hear the stress from here...


+1 from me, thanks Bob and welcome Greg!





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I'd like to officially motion to step down as FDO PSC Chair. Within the
same motion I would like to nominate Greg Boone as the new FDO PSC

I'd also like to thank everyone on the PSC for their continued efforts
to make FDO a healthy open source project and their infinite patience
with a mostly absentee chair.

A big +1 from me on this one.

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