[fdo-internals] MOTION: Add Bill Kellner as a contributor to theOSGeo FDO Community

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Thu Apr 3 15:58:21 EDT 2008

I'm probably being too anti-process, but I think that I would prefer to
see this as something that any PSC committer can do through notification
rather than a vote.

If this mechanism was in place, there would still be some requirements
(a reasonable number of contributions are reviewed--preferably by more
than one committer--appropriate contribution agreements are obtained,


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Hi All,

I would like to motion that the FDO PSC accept Bill Kellner as a new
contributor to the OSGeo FDO community. Bill is an Autodesk developer
working on AutoCAD Map 3D. Bill will be involved in completing the port
of the FDO API and its providers to windows x64. Bill has already
submitted several patches to the community for integration, which were
timely and of good quality.

I know that adding Bill as a developer will be a great addition to the


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