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Greg Boone greg.boone at autodesk.com
Fri Apr 4 16:29:14 EDT 2008

Hi Bruno,

Thanks for the update. J

For 3.3/3.4, Submit your changes into

3.4 -- https://svn.osgeo.org/fdo/trunk/Providers/PostGIS
3.3 -- https://svn.osgeo.org/fdo/branches/3.3/Providers/PostGIS

Please have Mateusz review and if needed, submit those submissions

For 3.2.x

This is a trickier issue. We do not have a SVN repository available for PostGIS built on 3.2.x. We could create a new SVN repository that follows the existing 3.2.x pattern as described on http://fdo.osgeo.org/roadMap.html

This repository name would be:  http://svn.osgeo.org/fdopostgis/branches/3.2.x

You would need Jason or Frank to help you with this.

Once all the submissions are in, we can kick off the respective 3.2.x and 3.3.x builds and post patches on fdo.osgeo.org.


From: Bruno Scott [mailto:Bruno at geomapgis.com]
Sent: Friday, March 28, 2008 7:30 AM
To: Greg Boone
Cc: Gwenael Bachelot
Subject: RE: FDO OSGeo PostGIS Provider

Hi Greg
We have still a couple issues with the PostGIS Driver
Generate extent for features assigned to default spatial context
                We're going to check that one
PostGIS provider cannot delete a feature class
                Deleting works with feature class and non feature class
                But the table must be empty

PostGIS provider does not display attribute names in MapGuide when no PK present
This is a normal behavior

Fdo Postgis Autogenated identity property is mandatory
                Not mandatory anymore
PostGIS : Can't insert in a non-feature class
                Non-feature class works well with insert,delete,update and for displaying with join
Fdo Postgis null and not null filter does not work
                Not yet implemented, I will add this one in our unit tests

Fdo Postgis in and not in filter does not work

Fdo Postgis currently does not support anything but lowercase identifiers
Still some pending problems with that one

Fdo Postgis Exception with insert
Fdo Postgis does not support non spatial classes
Implement Support for SelectAggregates, SpatialExtents and Count
                Select Count works fine now, so selectAggregates also
                Nothing was implemented
                More testing should be done

Other things, there was a discussion with the community according to the class naming convention
So we have fallow the community recommendation and we have replaces the "shema~class" by "class" only.

We ran our test in different environments
                100% FDO / C++ program ( without any map or Mapguide)
                Map 2008 / fdo 3.2
                Map 2009 / fdo 3.3
                Mapguide 1.2 / fdo 3.2
                Mapguide 2.0 / fdo 3.3
Using the same Postgres/PostGIS version as Matheus ( 8.2.4 + 1.2.1)

We have 3 primary spatial tables with all the same columns (one for point, one for line/multi-line and one for polygon/multi-polygon)
KEY_1                    Int32
STRING_1            String
INT32_1               Int32
DOUBLE_1          Double
DATE_1                DateTime
STR_CODE_1      String    64
INT_CODE_1      Int32
plus one primary alpha table (without geometry)
and one primary X/Y table ( Postgis provider does not support displaying it YET)

We have one secondary alpha table for 1-1 joining ( KEY_1 = j_KEY_1) with the 5 primary tables
J_KEY_1               Int32
J_STRING_1       String
J_INT32_1           Int32
J_DOUBLE_1      Double
J_DATE_1            DateTime
J_STR_CODE_1 String
J_INT_CODE_1  Int32

We have two secondary alpha table for n-1 joining (INT_CODE_1 = INT_CODE_1 / STR_CODE_1 = STR_CODE_1) with the  5 primary tables
INT_CODE_1      Int32
DESC_1                 String
STR_CODE_1      String
DESC_1                 String

Unit test  with FDO/C++ ( all test succeed, 0 failed)
    Schema modification
                Drop spatial table ( failed if data in the table)
                Drop non-spatial table ( failed if data in the table)
                Create spatial table
                Create non-spatial table
    All our test table are dropped and recreated using FDO prior doing any other test

  Alpha Filter test
FdoCommandType_Select (select column from ... )
FdoCommandType_SelectAggregates ( select Count(1) from ... )
FdoCommandType_SQLCommand ( complexe query with 1-1 / n-1 joins )
    Key = 1
    Key In (1,2)
    Key Not In (1,2)
    Key > 99
    Key >= 99
    Key < 2
    Key <= 2
    String = 'Bb'
    String In ('Bb','Dd')
    String Not In ('Bb','Dd')
    String Like 'B%'
    String Not Like 'B%'
    Int = 10010
    Int > 10990
    Int >= 10990
    Int < 10020
    Int <= 10020
    Double = 20010.0000001
    Double > 118010.0097903
    Double >= 118010.0097903
    Double < 21010.0001
    Double <= 21010.0001
    Date = 2007-01-01
    Date > 2007-04-09
    Date >= 2007-04-09
    Date < 2007-01-02
    Date <= 2007-01-02
    DateTime = 2007-01-01 00:00:00
    DateTime > 2007-04-09 00:00:00
    DateTime >= 2007-04-09 00:00:00
    DateTime < 2007-01-02 00:00:00
    DateTime <= 2007-01-02 00:00:00

  Spatial Filter test
FdoCommandType_Select (select column from ... )
FdoCommandType_SelectAggregates ( select Count(1) from ... )
FdoCommandType_SQLCommand ( complexe query with join )

geometry ENVELOPEINTERSECTS GeomFromText(POINT XY ...')"
we didn't test the LINESTRING ( we should )

  Update test
                Insert simple polygon
                Insert multi polygon
                Insert polygon with hole
Insert linestring
Insert multi linestring
                Insert point
                Insert alpha ( no geometry in table)
                Delete polygon
Delete linestring
                Delete point
                Delete alpha ( no geometry in table)
                Update int32 ( on spatial and non-spatial table)
                Update String ( on spatial and non-spatial table)
                Update double ( on spatial and non-spatial table)
                Update date ( on spatial and non-spatial table)
                Update datetime ( on spatial and non-spatial table)
                Update geometry simple polygon
                Update geometry multi polygon
                Update geometry polygon with hole
                Update geometry linestring
                Update geometry multi linestring
                Update geometry point

Test with Map 2008
                Connecting OK
                Attaching table with srid OK
                Attaching table without srid -> map display a warning
                Display point ok
                Display linestring ok
                Display polygon ok
                Joining spatial table to non-spatial table ok
                Table view display ok
                Updating in the table view ok but the check-in crashes map
                Check-out crashes map

Test with Map 2009
                This after noon

Test with Mapguide 1.2
                Everything seems ok
                But still some testing to do with srid

Test with Mapguide 2.0
                Everything seems ok
                But still some testing to do with srid

We are actually investigating on the crash problem within map 2008.

I don't know exactly what are the process to submit all our code changes with the release 3.2.2 and 3.3.0.
If you could provide some help on that point it will be appreciated.


From: Greg Boone [mailto:greg.boone at autodesk.com]
Sent: jeudi 27 mars 2008 18:29
To: Bruno Scott (External)
Subject: FDO OSGeo PostGIS Provider

Hi Bruno,

I was wondering if you could provide an update on the status of the FDO OSGeo PostGIS Provider modifications that your team has been working on?

What changes have been made so far and how do these relate to the FDO Track issues that have been logged?

What is your plan to submit changes to the FDO OSGeo SVN?

When can your changes be rolled into our formalized build process and released as an official patch to the FDO 3.3 release?

Will you changes also support FDO 3.2?

If so, we need to get that the FDO 3.2 code dropped as well, and an official provider release posted.

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