[fdo-internals] MOTION: Add Ed Zimmerman as a contributor to the OSGeo FDO Community

Orest Halustchak orest.halustchak at autodesk.com
Fri Apr 11 13:52:19 EDT 2008


I would like to motion that the FDO PSC accept Ed Zimmerman as a new contributor to the OSGeo FDO community. Ed is an Autodesk developer and is working on the port of the FDO API and its providers to windows x64. Ed has recently submitted several patches related to this work and they have been of good quality. He has filled out and submitted the related contributor form.

I know that adding Ed as a developer will be a great addition to the community.

Note: The last time we had a nomination motion, Jason Birch suggested that a PSC contributor could do this directly with a notification. Perhaps we can discuss this at the next PSC meeting.


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