[fdo-internals] boost_date_time dll is not part of the install

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Mon Apr 21 11:09:59 EDT 2008

You're right; we still need to work on bundling the entire FDO release
in MGOS.  I don't know what Autodesk plans to do around these providers;
I think if they distribute them they may feel an obligation to support
their clients using them :)

With the number of additional DLLs the client is required to install for
the PostGIS provider, I didn't really see a problem, but I understand
your point.


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From: Bruno Scott
Subject: [fdo-internals] boost_date_time dll is not part of the install

When we install Mapguide 2.0 and Map 2009 
the only boost dll present is boost_thread-vc80-mt-1_34_1.dll.
the boost_date_time-vc80-mt-1_34_1.dll is not part of the install.
For a end user this dll is very difficult to find.
Adding this dll to the provider binaries is not a clean solution.
As Map 2009 is already shiiping, it is not possible to have this dll in
This is why i tough it was a simpler solution to remove this dependency.

Bruno Scott

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