[fdo-internals] Provider registry...

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Mon Apr 21 19:09:01 EDT 2008

I hadn't considered the option (honestly, didn't know the API existed).

I think that would be useful if the provider was packaged in some kind
of installer (MSI, NSIS, whatever) where you could run a loader app, but
for a simple distribution (just a bunch of files) I don't see how I
could leverage this API.

Maybe FDO could distribute a utility like regsvr32 but for FDO
providers? :)  That way, the user could just copy the DLL(s) into the
FDO bin directory, and run "regfdo myprovider.dll" on the provider DLL
and it would automatically add itself...


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From: Robert Fortin
Subject: RE: [fdo-internals] Provider registry...

FDO has a mechanism to register/deregister a provider.  This actually
add/remove the entries in the providers.xml by calling an API.  This can
be done as part of the installation of the provider. That's what we have
been doing in the past where each provider was registering itself.  If
for some reason the registery mechanism changes (which actually happened
in the past) it is hidden by the API.  Have you consider this option?

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