[fdo-internals] FDO RFC 18 - Migrate to Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

Traian Stanev traian.stanev at autodesk.com
Wed Apr 30 21:02:52 EDT 2008

As far as cmake is concerned (sorry to not reply inline, but this is tangentially off-topic), I think Helio has the FDO build working fine using cmake, and on Linux it also builds against installed libraries rather than the ones under /Thirdparty. Last I heard, he said the FDO build is working "perfectly" under cmake, and he was in the process of getting MapGuide to build using cmake as well. He also mentioned both the x86 and x64 configurations are compiling fine, apart from runtime issues in the x64 configuration of MapGuide.


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> Greg Boone wrote:
> > Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> >>
> >> I feel a bit like Mateusz, though perhaps less strongly.  In the
> >> long term I think a more compiler agnostic build environment would
> >> be desirable.
> >
> > [GB] In the future, it would be nice to have such a non-VisualStudio
> > build system in place that compliments the existing VisualStudio
> > project files. I am open to suggestions regarding this issue as long
> > as we can maintain the 2008 VisualStudio project files and that
> > developers are not forced to maintain multiple build
> > configuration/project files within a single project.
> IMHO, it makes a little sense to maintain two or more building systems.
> My suggestion was to completely switch to new building system in
> future.
> Currently, I'd choose cmake. This builder is a kind of meta-builder
> and it generates Visual Studio project files portable configuration
> scripts.
> Solely use of cmake would mean that FDO users use solution/project
> files
> for Visual Studio 2005 or 2008 at the end.
> >> However, if we are going to migrate to VS2008 project files, then I
> >>  do think we at least need to ensure that FDO is easily built with
> >> VS2008 Express.  I'll take an action item (though I may need
> >> reminding) to confirm and try to help with any VS2008 Express
> >> issues once the project file migration is complete.
> >
> > [GB] As a part of the upgrade to VS 2008, we will ensure that all of
> > FDO builds on Visual Studio Express 2008.
> Yes, that's important. Otherwise it could be hard to keep
> working on FDO :-)
> >> I will say that the RFC does not seem to provide a strong
> >> motivation for the migration.  VS2008 can load VS2005 project
> >> files, right?  I'm assuming the issue is that if virtually everyone
> >> is using VS2008 then it is hard to update the project files because
> >> VS2008 doesn't write VS2005 project files.  Is that the situation?
> >
> > [GB] We have also analyzed the difference between VS 2005 and 2008
> > project files and we feel we may be able to write a script that
> > generates 2005 project files from their 2008 counterparts. The
> > difference seems slight. If there is a strong demand for 2005 support
> >  from our users, them this may be a possible solution going forward.
> I would not call it a strong demant, but personally I would be happy if
> I was able to still use VS 2005 Though, considering that I'm not able
> to
> help in this scripting work, I give my wishes low priority.
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