[fdo-internals] Parsing WKT geoemtry with measure/dimensionality

Simon Pelicon simon at sl-king.com
Mon Feb 25 16:14:53 EST 2008

I have a problem parsing WKT geometry with M or Z dimension.
For example in WKT documentation specification, point with M is defined 
as in the example below:
Point M (10 10 40)

But parsing this to geometry in FDO returns this error:
m_cause = 0x01693a30 {m_message=0x01693a80 
"(.\Src\Geometry\Parse\ParseFgft.cpp: 88) String is not a valid FGF 
string. "

Fdo documentation says that: The Autodesk extension to WKT, referred to 
as FGF Text, is a superset of WKT
 (that is, you can enter WKT as valid FGF Text strings). Dimensionality 
is optional. It can be XY, XYM, XYZ, or XYZM.

I am confused about dimensionality specification now.
WKT specification puts only M or ZM ,but FDO requires XY in front of M 
or ZM.

What have I overlooked?


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