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Helio Chissini de Castro helio at kde.org
Fri Feb 29 09:47:22 EST 2008

Em Friday 29 February 2008 11:00:40 Greg Boone escreveu:
> Is the cleanup process intended for your own use or were you planning on
> integrating it into the trunk somehow?

I would love to integrate, but of course needs to have approval of the board.

What i did:

- Splitted mkcatdefs in a separate standalone package. Removed all internal 
copy of sources. FDO now compiles with full external libraries. ( except for 
sqlite case )

- Splitted svn fdo in several packages, main FDO and providers. Main FDO 
package now installs and you can compile any provider package without need to 
be inside the fdo sourcedir. So we have real splitted fdo package and 
providers package. More sane.

- Removed all hige data of providers package. As test data is fine, but in the 
point of view of package release, is just to scary distros to package fdo. 

- All build is done with cmake, no need to rely on auto stuff, but i kept 
auto*hell stuff to do minimum changes compared svn

- Added proper casts to eliminate as much as possible warnings against gcc. As 
known, gcc in every release move current warning for errors, so this warnings 
will be errors on next release.
Most of then, is conversion from const strings to pointers. Casting is ok, 
works for now, but the proper fix would be relay on proper cosnt function 
declarations, since we're dealing just in string copy

- Added a define variable for fdo install dir, now hardcoded for /usr/local. 
The var points to default /usr/local, but you can define different place for 
install in compilation time

- Added a test to detect new Xalan-C 1_10. So now fdo compiles with both old 
included Xalan-C or the current 1_10

For my usage now, i just disabled compilation of SchemaManager and Sqlite 


Helio Chissini de Castro
KDE Project South America Primary Contact

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