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Greg Boone greg.boone at autodesk.com
Thu Jan 31 11:43:57 EST 2008

Hi Bruno,

Within Autodesk we have started a PostGIS Provider evaluation process to try and determine the scope of the changes that will be required to make the provider usable is products such as AutoCAD Map and AutoCAD MapGuide. Once the evaluation is complete, we will forward the results to you.


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Bruno Scott wrote:
> This is the list of ticket we will fix for sure
> #94   Generate extent for features assigned to default spatial context
> #106  PostGIS provider cannot delete a feature class
> #108  ApplySchema does not support M and Z dims for PostGIS
> #119  PostGIS missing quotes for columns in queries
> #121  PostGIS extents calculations do not appear to be working
> #171  Fdo Postgis Autogenated identity property is mandatory
> #178  PostGIS : Can't insert in a non-feature class
> #232  Fdo Postgis null and not null filter does not work
> #233  Fdo Postgis in and not in filter does not work
> #234  Fdo Postgis currently does not support anything but lowercase
> identifiers
> #235  Fdo Postgis Exception with insert
> #236  Fdo Postgis does not support non spatial classes
> #241  Implement Support for SelectAggregates, SpatialExtents and Count


I'd like to thank you so much for helping in development of the PostGIS
provider. That's fantastic. If there is anything unclear or you will
need assistance regarding current codebase of the PostGIS provider,
please don't hesitate to contact me directly (Skype: mloskot)
or here on the list (though I'm not reading it carefully ATM).

> Not sure about these one
> #122 Add PostGIS Samples to SVN

This is low-priority task and I think I'm the only one who can fix it.

> #120 PostGIS ungracefully handles structural problems in a database

This ticket is about inventing a way to detect and report low-level
problems like missing missing columns or missing postgis installation,
etc. in user-friendly way.

> #117 PostGIS provider does not display attribute names in MapGuide when no
> PK present

I'm not sure about this one too.
Jason, I'm not sure what does the "not available for display as
properties" mean. Where is the "display"? Display as label or some
MapGuide widgest/boxes, or in MapStudio?

> We have our own unit test engine that does a lot of stuf,
> For the moment we can't really go in deep because of too much tickets
> Once we will have these repaired we will find others for sure and we will
> fix them...

Bruno, I'm very thankful for your contributions!
I'll be back to the PostGIS provider development as soon as I have my
study issues done, hopefully within a few weeks.

Best regards
Mateusz Loskot
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