[fdo-internals] RFC 20 for review

Thomas Knoell thomas.knoell at autodesk.com
Thu Jul 10 12:02:26 EDT 2008

Hi Dan,

Adding a new capability does not require an update of the enumeration FdoCapabilityType.h. If you look at the interfaces, you see that a capability is identified by an Int32 number, not by a parameter of the enumeration type. So you can add new capabilities without changing the FDO version.


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"The new API would not require the a FDO version upgrade"

Depends. Unless the new enum is added at the end of FdoCapabilityType.h you have to rebuild your application. And this accounts for a version upgrade.

BTW, I think the opposite: the capabilities belong to the providers. Because "capabilities" is another way to talk about "limitations" which are provider specific.


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