[fdo-internals] SDF 3.0 FDO Provider Serious Memory Leak

Maksim Sestic max at geoinova.com
Tue Jul 15 03:40:27 EDT 2008

I hope too that there will be a patch to test this issue.

Carl, I guess you already tried calling an explicit GC.Collect(). Calling it
won't help much on releasing unmanaged resources, but might make the
instantiated IFeatureReader access speed more linear. Here's what happends
in my case: I have a SDF holding about 1 million records (cca. 700-something
MBs), geometries included. IFeatureReader gets instatiated without a filter,
which takes abt. a minute and a half on my testing machine. Then I start
iterating the reader, while simply reading a feature class property using
GetString() method. First couple of thousand of records get executed in
linear fashion, then execution starts slowing down. Memory consumption
reflects what you have described, but that's not an issue here since it
doesn't get paged. If there wasn't for intermediate, exlpicit GC.Collect()
on each 1000 of processed records - it would continue to slow down,
eventually rendering application unusable.

Just for the record, I'm also following strict closing and disposing
IFeatureReader pattern. The same for opened connections.

BTW, do you use any Windows.Forms UI for reader's underlying data displaying
purposes? If yes, try minimizing the main application window, then restoring
it. Watch for memory consumption.

Maksim Sestic

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Is version 3.4 available for Download? I have only found downloads available
up to version 3.3 in terms of precompiled downloads. Would it require
building from the latests source instead?

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