[fdo-internals] FDO RFC 16 - FDO Provider for SQLite

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Tue Mar 18 13:36:38 EDT 2008

Hi Traian,

Looks cool :)

I think it would be useful for as much of the spatial logic as possible
to be stored in the SQLite database, rather than in the FDO provider,
and to use as many conventions as possible, documenting exceptions.

This would allow for a general "SQLite Spatial" format that could be
used by other platforms such as OGR.

A couple things that I can think of:

 - Use the spatial_ref_sys and geometry_columns standard metadata tables

 - Store the spatial index in the database.  I don't really understand
this but maybe something from this discussion is useful:

- Although I like the FGF format, I'd be worried that embedding it as
blob data would close the format.  OGR has an interesting convention for
using WKT columns with SQLite.  It would be nice if the FDO provider
could support that approach in addition to the default approach, and
maybe WKB too?:


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I just posted FDO RFC #16. Fresh off the virtual presses (printed on
100% recycled electrons, for you green-minded folks):



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