[fdo-internals] FDO RFC 16 - FDO Provider for SQLite

Traian Stanev traian.stanev at autodesk.com
Tue Mar 18 16:12:18 EDT 2008

SQLite is ACID (for some value of ACID). I'm not sure what's involved in supporting transactions properly, but feature commands (insert/update/select) will internally be done using transactions anyway. With insert, one pretty much has to batch lots of inserts into one transaction, because a write transaction in SQLite involves closing and reopening the file -- which is a very slow way to coordinate access. Anyway, it really depends on what the most often used access pattern would be for such an FDO provider. So I guess the answer is "yes, if necessary, we can have explicit transaction support"? Also, keep in mind that you can start a transaction at any time using the FDO SQL command, then go on and execute some other feature commands, and end it by a commit.


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I think you may have missed addressing Mateusz' question about
transactions.  Considering that SQLite is (apparently) ACID, wouldn't it
make sense to support these?


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Subject: [fdo-internals] FDO RFC 16 - FDO Provider for SQLite

I think my reply to RFC 16 questions got sent to the bit bucket, so here
it is, again:
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