[fdo-internals] FDO SVN Branching

Greg Boone greg.boone at autodesk.com
Wed Mar 19 17:48:21 EDT 2008

Hi All,

I have had several requests come my way to provide additional details on the strategy that is being adopted regarding branching, tags and submissions in the FDO SVN.

Here are a few additional notes:

*         The FDO SVN trunk is scheduled to be the next major release of FDO (3.4?) and is open to any new submissions

o   It would be nice if we could avoid breaking binary compatibility with FDO 3.3 for the time being

o   Any major changes required to support 64 bit FDO should happen in the trunk

o   New development on the next release of MapGuide Open Source should happen against the trunk

*         Build 3.3.0_S029 was released as FDO 3.3.0, and shipped with MapGuide Open Source 2.0.

o   It was officially tagged as tags/3.3.0.

o   This release is considered frozen.

*         Build 3.3.0_S034 is tentatively scheduled to be released as FDO 3.3.1, and then released with MapGuide Enterprise 2009

o   In preparation for releasing 3.3.1, build 3.3.0_S034 was officially branched as branches/3.3

*         Once the release of 3.3.1 happens, branches/3.3  will be officially tagged as tags/3.3.1 and then frozen as an official FDO release

o   From now up until the point 3.3.1 is released, please avoid dropping non-approved submissions into branches/3.3

*         If 3.3.x.x point releases of 3.3.0 or 3.3.1 (e.g. is required (For example, a Service Pack or Hot Fix release of MapGuide Enterprise 2009)

o   A branch will be created from the respective FDO release tag. (e.g. tags/3.3.1 -> branches/3.3.1)

o   The required change will then be made to the newly established branch

o   A point release of FDO will be made. (e.g. FDO

o   The new branch will be tagged (e.g. tags/

o   All changes made to 3.3.x.x point releases of FDO are required to be ported to the trunk and the 3.3 branch

*         General customer requests for defect fixes, deemed generally important for FDO 3.3, can be made directly in branches/3.3

*         If desired, at a future date, a rolled up release of FDO 3.3.x will be made from branches/3.3, and an appropriate tagged build created. (e.g. tags/3.3.2)

Please let me know if this makes any sense or if further clarification is required.

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