[fdo-internals] SVN cleanup proposal

Mateusz Loskot mateusz at loskot.net
Fri May 2 19:40:21 EDT 2008


I've noticed we store a lot of stuff that's never or hardly ever
used by FDO developers and users. What do you think if we remove 
following stuff from the repository?

trunk/Thirdparty/apache/xml-xalan/c/samples (1 MB)
trunk/Thirdparty/apache/xml-xalan/c/tests (1.3 MB)
trunk/Thirdparty/apache/xml-xalan/c/xdocs (1 MB)
trunk/Thirdparty/apache/xml-xerces/c/doc (57 MB)
trunk/Thirdparty/apache/xml-xerces/c/samples (2 MB)
trunk/Thirdparty/apache/xml-xerces/c/tests (2.3 MB)
trunk/Thirdparty/libcurl/docs (3.3 MB)
trunk/Thirdparty/libcurl/tests (2.3 MB)
trunk/Thirdparty/openssl/demos (1 MB)
trunk/Thirdparty/openssl/doc (3 MB)
trunk/Thirdparty/openssl/apps (2 MB, probably safe to remove)

Removing this file we would avoid checking out extra 80 MB.

Mateusz Loskot

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