[fdo-internals] FDO RFC 21 - New Linux Buildsystem Cmake Based

Jason Birch Jason.Birch at nanaimo.ca
Tue May 20 13:49:32 EDT 2008

Thanks for taking the time/effort to put together this RFC and doing the
work to implement this packaging in the past.  Can we assume that you
are willing to help undertake the reorganisation required to move to the
use of cmake for FDO's linux and Windows builds?

In general, this looks pretty good to me.  I would like to see more
information on specific benefits of moving to this kind of build system
from different perspectives.

For instance, for user-installers of FDO, does this allow for an easier
build process across multiple Linux distributions, or even automated
creation of installer packages (apt, yum, whatever)?  For build
managers, does it allow for the maintenance of Linux, VS2005, and VS2008
solutions in a central interface?

What would be the effect on individual developers; would they have to
install additional dependencies (for cmake)?  Is cmake available across
multiple platforms?

What kind of impact will this have on existing build procedures and
end-user documentation for building FDO?

I'm personally interested in cpack... do you have any experience with
using this to create packages/installers for Linux and Windows?

I am not convinced that going to generic libraries will be possible in
all cases, especially where libraries have been patched for specific
functionality or performance that has not been integrated into the
upstream project.  Does cmake not allow for internal copies of
libraries, or is this just a general clean-up item?  I would, however,
personally advocate that FDO use generic libraries whenever possible,
and that maintaining a locally-patched version of libraries not be
supported as a standard practice.  This would allow FDO to integrate
better into the OS community in general, and would allow for far easier
integration into common installers such as OSGeo4W and FGS.


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Subject: [fdo-internals] FDO RFC 21 - New Linux Buildsystem Cmake Based

I just started my first RFC about the buildsystem changes. Now of course

starting on FDO.

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