[fdo-internals] Several small code changes in fdo to compile against pedantic mode default in gcc 4.3.2

Helio Chissini de Castro helio at kde.org
Fri May 30 13:56:13 EDT 2008


I'm fighting against new gcc 4.3.1 and their new pedantic mode.
Is worth the work, since new gcc is way faster to compile among other 
The issue is that fdo have several points that we need include explicit 
headers, like string.h. 
The other issue is that some small code standards shout too much warnings, na 
if -ansi mode is enabled, it not compile at all.

I just started this tests since i improved the cmake build to have proper 
linux flags and start the windows side too, and convert UnitTests to a more 
recent cppunit.

Despite cppunit part, can i be able to have access and commit the small fixes 
for new gcc, like add missing required includes ?

Thanks in advance

Helio Chissini de Castro
KDE Project
Brasil and South America Primary Contact

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