[fdo-internals] PATCH: Connection-Properties of various providers

Aaron Pieler pieler at rmdata.at
Mon Apr 6 09:14:04 EDT 2009

Hello everyone,

In an attempt to unifiy the behaviour of the connection properties i made
following changes to the providers:

* DataSourceName: IsRequired = true
* ConnectionString: IsRequired = true
* GenerateDefaultGeometryProperty: IsEnumerable = true; EnumerableValues=
true, false

* DefaultFileLocation: IsRequired = true

WFS, WMS, King-Oracle:
* Password: IsProtected = true;

SQL Server Spatial:
* ConnectionString:  IsProtected == false (Why is the ConnectionString
currently handled like a password? Is this really necessary?)

Here I am not sure and didn't change anything so far. 
Currently IsEnumerable is set to false. Why does the OgrProvider not handle
this like the SDF-Provider does?

Does someone have an objection against something or comments about
Would these changes do harm to applications currently using FDO?


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