[fdo-internals] PostGIS provider connection question

Orest Halustchak orest.halustchak at autodesk.com
Fri Jun 26 11:05:42 EDT 2009


I have a concern about the current connection parameters that the FDO PostGIS provider is using.

The current situation is this.

To make a connection to PostGIS we need to specify a service and a datastore.

The service is mapped to
 database at server:port

And the datastore to
                The physical postgis schema

So a typical connection would be
Service :              MyPGDatabase at MyServer:5432
Datastore :         public

But a PostGIS server can contain multiple databases with each database containing multiple schemas, which contain the tables. My question is why wouldn't we set up a connection mapping that exposes the PostGIS databases as FDO datastores and the PostGIS schemas as FDO schema, similar to how we do it with SQL Server, which has similar concepts.

So, connection information would be:
        Service:          server:port,                  e.g. MyServer:5432
        Datastore:    PG database name,   e.g. MyPGDatabase

Then, within that datastore, we have schemas called 'public' and any other schemas that the user has created there, such as "landbase", "transportation", "utilities", etc.

I realize that this has already been implemented and changing this could have some backwards compatibility issues with applications and MG resource definitions. But, maybe the benefits of having a better datastore / schema mapping to PG database / schema would be worth figuring out how to deal with the compatibility issues?

What do you think?


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