[fdo-internals] Discussion of fix for ticket #471 (Large text fields not showing up)

Romica Dascalescu Romica.Dascalescu at autodesk.com
Thu Mar 5 11:04:08 EST 2009

Hi Chris,

SDE_UNICODE is set only for 9.2 provider, since 9.1 SDE libraries don't support Unicode.
ArcSDE 9.2 provider is built enabling unicode support.
In case you want to add support for SE_NCLOB_TYPE you need to look at SE_NSTRING_TYPE, where was added (since it was added late in the provider) and do the same thing.


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I’m working on fixing tix # 471, and have the following question.

The problem is in SDEType2FdoType.  There is no handler for the SE_NCLOB_TYPE, which is defined as:

#define SE_NCLOB_TYPE              15  /* UNICODE Character Large Object */

I see another place in here, where the SE_NSTRING_TYPE is handled, but ifdef'ed out when SDE_UNICODE is not set.

My question is this,

When is SDE_UNICODE set?

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