[fdo-internals] fdo installation & build script confusion

UV uvwild at googlemail.com
Wed Sep 23 20:17:24 EDT 2009

In order to test my sandbox branched from trunk I needed to compile FDO 
from trunk as there are no build server is creating HEAD builds for this 

this cannot work out of the box because of path issues.

the mapguide buildscript checks for


whereas the FDO build.bat installs into


I included a patch for mapguide MgDev\build.bat to make this work more 
intuitively as those build scripts still are a lot easier to use  than  
many separate VS solutions

now you can build FDO & mapguide
 >cd %PATH_TO_FDO%
 >build -a=buildinstall -o=%PATH_TO_MGDEV%\Oem 

I know this is between to separate OsGeo projects but not being 
responsible does not make it go away.

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Index: build.bat
--- build.bat	(revision 4260)
+++ build.bat	(working copy)
@@ -204,15 +204,19 @@
 goto custom_error_no_help
-if exist "%MG_OEM%\FDO\Bin\%TYPEBUILD%" goto check_fdo_inc
+REM if exist "%MG_OEM%\FDO\Bin" goto check_fdo_inc
+if exist "%MG_OEM%\FDO\Bin" goto check_fdo_inc
 SET ERRORMSG=Unable to find FDO binaries. Copy the FDO binaries %MG_OEM%\FDO\Bin\%TYPEBUILD%
 goto custom_error_no_help
-if exist "%MG_OEM%\FDO\Bin\%TYPEBUILD%" goto check_fdo_lib
+if exist "%MG_OEM%\FDO\Inc" goto check_fdo_lib
 SET ERRORMSG=Unable to find FDO headers. Copy the FDO headers into %MG_OEM%\Inc
 goto custom_error_no_help
-if exist "%MG_OEM%\FDO\Bin\%TYPEBUILD%" goto start_build
+if exist "%MG_OEM%\FDO\Lib" goto start_build
 SET ERRORMSG=Unable to find FDO lib files. Copy the FDO lib files into %MG_OEM%\Lib
 goto custom_error_no_help

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