[fdo-internals] RE: [mapguide-internals] fdo installation & build script confusion

UV uvwild at googlemail.com
Thu Sep 24 22:50:13 EDT 2009

Fair enough!
I think also mapguide debug with fdo release might be a popular 

Looks like it makes more sense that the install script of the fdo 
package is updated....

however i had to change the paths in my installations manually a few 
times already.
for the build server fixing it in the scripts will be mandatory.

just too bad that  in the current devel process i am writing a  lot more 
messages than the code that needs only little tweaks...
I suggest to consider a synchronuous peer review process where small 
patches can be instantly accepted in a brief
chat or skype session after at least 3 people looked at it.

Tom Fukushima wrote:
> Let's see if I understand this...Does this work if I need to do both a 32-bit and 64-bit build using the a single version of the source?  This is what the build machine will need to do.  If the answer is no then I think that the change should be made in the FDO build scripts to put the binaries into the correct bin subfolder {bin\release, bin\release64, bin\debug, bin\debug64}.
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> In order to test my sandbox branched from trunk I needed to compile FDO 
> from trunk as there are no build server is creating HEAD builds for this 
> yet.
> this cannot work out of the box because of path issues.
> the mapguide buildscript checks for
> whereas the FDO build.bat installs into
> MgDev\Oem\FDO\Bin
> MgDev\Oem\FDO\Inc
> MgDev\Oem\FDO\Lib
> I included a patch for mapguide MgDev\build.bat to make this work more 
> intuitively as those build scripts still are a lot easier to use  than  
> many separate VS solutions
> now you can build FDO & mapguide
> using:
>  >cd %PATH_TO_FDO%
>  >build -a=buildinstall -o=%PATH_TO_MGDEV%\Oem 
>  >cd %PATH_TO_MGDEV%
>  >build
> I know this is between to separate OsGeo projects but not being 
> responsible does not make it go away.
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