[fdo-internals] Namespace entries for Config.XML for Rasters

Homan, Thomas thoman at co.gila.az.us
Thu Apr 8 11:41:04 EDT 2010


I started this question actually over on the MapGuide Enterprise list at
discussion.autodesk.com and just got signed up on this list. Dave
brought it to this list.

I realize that an XML namespace does not have to actually resolve to a
valid URI and that it really just creates a unique name. That being the
case, why was so much effort taken to create a name that appears at
first glance to be a valid URI that 'might' reference the schema
definition when a much simpler name could have been generated?

The main reason I ask the question, is that as someone deploying a MG
installation, I prefer to understand the workings for possible
optimization off of the default settings and the actual schema reference
material seems inordinately difficult to find both at the OSGEO level
and at Autodesk. 


Tom Homan

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