[fdo-internals] Hosting FDO 3.5 builds / Binaries for CentOS and Ubuntu

Helio Chissini de Castro helio at kde.org
Thu Feb 18 00:20:11 EST 2010

On Wednesday 17 February 2010 22:29:03 Trevor Wekel wrote:
> Does Linux have a /usr/lib64 in addition to a /lib64?
Yep, /usr/lib64 and /usr/local/lib64 is the standard in at least Mandriva and 
Fedora/RedHat for 64 bits

> Are you still building to /usr/local?  From my Ubuntu work, installing
> packages to /usr/local seems to be a bit of a no-no.  The Ubuntu lintian
> tool generate a whole whack of errors when I try to target /usr/local.
The cmake build allows you to build in /usr if you want, just need pass a 
different install prefix in cmake commmand line.
The reason why i'm making /usr/local default is follow the old install place 
making easy for mapguide looking for.

> Do we want to break each provider out into a separate install package (rpm
> on Fedora/CentOS, deb on Ubuntu/Debian)?
I did, but is up to packager choice.  There's a simple reason behind this been 
effective which is the no need to install a mysql when you just need the 
postgis provider, or unixodbc libraires when you need just the dhp provider.
There's one issue in split tough, the providers.xml file is not "flexible" as a 
point to add/remove new providers entry instaling or not. I'm thinking in a 
xml parser in trigger on post/postun of each package, but would ugly as hell.

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