[mapguide-internals] RE: [fdo-internals] Hosting FDO 3.5 builds / Binaries for CentOS and Ubuntu

Greg Boone greg.boone at autodesk.com
Fri Feb 19 11:59:43 EST 2010

Hi Jason,

I am hesitant to make this change to the 3.5.0 code stream for a number of reasons:

1)      A beta was posted to the downloads site and I am working on an RC. Hopefully one will be posted next week

a.       I do expect that the RC and possibly the final release build will be complete before all the bugs are worked out of this new centralized build and install process.

b.      I guess I am generally being cautious here. I prefer to stick with what we know works instead of trying to fit it in with possible unknown side effects.

2)      We actually have build and runtime code that uses /usr/local/fdo-3.5.0 as a default install location. If we change this to another directory, we should perform additional testing to determine if we have not broken anything

3)      We have clients that have done extensive testing with 3.5.0 using the /usr/local/fdo-3.5.0 directory as a default. I would not want them to be asked to redo that testing at this stage in the release cycle.


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A bit confused on why it's too late to change the directory structure for the 3.5 release.  Does the location that it is installed to have the potential to affect the stability of FDO?

If the concern is that there are other products that are counting on the current install location of fdo under Linux, then there's certainly the option for those products to have their own builds of FDO.  We could even create a custom branch / sandbox for this purpose if desired, but I don't think that this should constrain us from making this kind of change.  I don't think we've even started the beta process yet?


On 18 February 2010 11:06, Greg Boone wrote:
Hi All,

One point of interest. Such directory name changes would have to be applied to the trunk. It is too late to get these types of changes applied to the official release of 3.5.0. In that light, we can bump up the proposed directory to fdo-3.6.0 or I am open to suggestions.


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