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Dan Stoica dan.stoica at autodesk.com
Sun Jun 6 15:09:29 EDT 2010


The proposal is to pass programmatically the tolerance to FdoSpatialUtility::Evaluate().

I wonder how is it going to be used by an application since usually Evaluate() is called indirectly by Select:

        FdoPtr<FdoSpatialCondition> filter = FdoSpatialCondition::Create(<geometryPropertyName>, <spatialOperator>, <geometry>);

Hence the tolerance should be passed as well to FdoSpatialCondition::Create() like:

	FdoSpatialCondition::Create(<geometryProperty>, <spatialOperator>, <geometry>, toleranceXY, toleranceZ);

On the other hand, managed C++ does not accept default parameters as suggested.

This said, it seems to me that the way to go is to add setters/getters to FdoSpatialCondition and Evaluate() needs a new override rather than a signature extension.


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RFC 49 (http://trac.osgeo.org/fdo/wiki/FDORfc49) is now ready for review. The main purpose is to change FDO API spatial functions to be able to provide tolerances (XY & Z) used for spatial evaluation.
Please review and provide additional feedback.

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