[fdo-internals] KingOracle Build Failure

Greg Boone greg.boone at autodesk.com
Wed Jun 9 11:36:30 EDT 2010

I am seeing the following build error for KingOracle.

Build release KORA Provider Dlls
Build started 6/9/2010 11:33:02 AM.
Project "D:\Fdo\Providers\KingOracle\Src\KingOracle.sln" on node 0 (Build target(s)).
  Building solution configuration "release|Win32".
  Deleting file "D:\Fdo\Providers\KingOracle\Src\Overrides\KingOracleOverrides.tmp_Release_Win32.vcproj".
c1xx : fatal error C1083: Cannot open source file: '.\c_OciString.cpp': No such file or directory
Done Building Project "D:\Fdo\Providers\KingOracle\Src\KingOracle.sln" (Build target(s)) -- FAILED.


Time Elapsed 00:00:12.44
There was a build error executing action: Build

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