[fdo-internals] StackOverflow for GIS - Sign up Now!

Jason Birch jason at jasonbirch.com
Tue Jun 15 00:22:01 EDT 2010

Hi all,

StackOverflow is a great site for programmers looking to solve problems
across all technologies and programming languages.

I've often thought that GIS needed something similar, and was excited when I
head that George Silva had created a StackExchange proposal for Geographic
Information Systems.  Finally, we'll have a central location where we can
ask and answer questions about all kinds of GIS development, and they'll be
archived and constantly refined over time.

George's proposal has now reached the "Commitment" stage, which means that
users need to commit to a certain level of activity once the site launches.
 If you agree with me that this would be an important resource for our
community, please sign up now:


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